By pressing only one button, it creates a full 360⁰ instant movie, which is ready for preview within 10 seconds of the shot.

Do you want to share this memorable experience with friends? We capture moments and upload your movie to any social media site!

Do you want your next project to be the most amazing you have ever accomplished? We bring your business to life with the spark to build innovative campaigns!

Our Wi-Fi and Live Streaming solutions complete your 360⁰ experience in today’s inter-connected society by uncovering latent needs, behaviors, and desires.

Available everywhere in Europe!

About Us

Bullet time effect, also referred to as time-slice or time-freeze photography, has been used in Hollywood blockbusters, Matrix being the best example to popularize this visual effect.

Imaginile realizate de o serie de camere statice care înconjoară subiectul și care sunt activate succesiv sau simultan sunt compilate și afișate consecutiv pentru a realiza o fotografie continuă.

Voilà! The Matrix Effect or the 360⁰ Bullet Time Effect!


Whether you are an advertising agency, a company, a music video or film producer, 360⁰ bullet-time photography or 360⁰ photo booth is an effective way

  • To get people to release their creative energies;
  • To engage with your target audience;
  • To add value to your advertising campaign;
  • To offer a competitive advantage for your product;
  • To strategically position your brand.

Our features are a must when it comes to maximum exposure and incredible brand awareness

  • Our structure can be used either indoor or outdoor;
  • The structure can be fully branded to meet the end client’s needs;
  • The structure fits perfectly into a 5-meter marquee;
  • The rig can be arranged in a variety of ways (360⁰ or 180⁰) and at variable heights and angles (at the same level or with one side lower than another);
  • The cameras can be used as in any type of photography (long exposure/ time lapse/ stop motion);
  • It takes up to 10 seconds to produce a full 360 HD GIF;
  • In order to download their picture, each user will receive an e-mail with the topic chosen by the client (the message can include links, hashtags or specific wording);
  • Each user can log in on any social media platform during the event via a touch screen provided by us in order to upload their 360 movie in real time on their personal page (the picture will remain permanently at their disposal on this platform);
  • Users can be encouraged to fill in a form containing questions, drop-down lists, tick boxes or any data relevant for the client (e.g. name, age…) before accessing their personal profiles;
  • In order for as many guests as possible to enjoy the 360 experience, we also have the right Wi-Fi and Live Streaming package for you.


We pride ourselves in being a trustworthy partner of choice for our clients!

Are you looking for that unique experience for your next project?

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